Hospice Resident

Trillium House is the only place in the central U. P. specifically designed to welcome hospice patients and their loved ones into as home-like an atmosphere we possibly can. You can think of Trillium House as somewhat like a nursing home but without the nurses, the hustle and bustle, the medical routines, the noise, and the roommates. We’re a quiet, peaceful home of private rooms and baths. Family are welcome 24/7 and may help with your care as much as they wish. Friends, including beloved pets, visit anytime.

Trillium House’s care staff handle all your daily personal care needs, including helping with medications, so you are always comfortable and safe.

Your doctor, hospice nurse and care team will come to see you at Trillium House just like they would if you were at home. We’re a licensed Adult Foster Care Home with the special mission of serving hospice patients at the end of life.

Trillium House care staff and volunteers provide 24-hour care in the same way a loving family member does at home. Residents enjoy a private room with bath. Our staff perform health care tasks that include assisting with activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming and meals, repositioning or moving from one position to another and helping with prescribed medications. Family are welcome to stay around the clock while their loved one is with us. They are encouraged to take part in a loved one’s care if they wish. Trillium House staff and volunteers prepares home-made meals and snacks. Residents’ family or friends may bring snacks or special foods of course.

It is a Residents’ responsibility to arrange with their hospice provider to continue to coordinate and manage their medical care while at Trillium House. Trillium House staff will cooperate with the hospice agency care plan. Trillium House is not able to provide one-on-one care but may be able to work with family and the hospice provider to create a plan through which a Resident needing such a level of care can live at Trillium House.

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